Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weekday Meals

So Tuesdays and Wednesdays we prepare for CSA delivery here on the farm. In addition to preparing for CSA we also have to unload and sort through all the produce that returns from the weekend market. Imagine crates of food everywhere along with empty crates, bins and other containers of all types. Everything has to be checked for freshness and placed in the cooler right away. Old stuff gets tossed and the good stuff gets sent to a CSA as a bonus item or saved for next market depending on how much there is and the condition of the produce. Naturally, some things have a much longer life than others.

These days I stay away from cooking since Haifa is back and commands the kitchen, usually cooking up something that smells wonderful. I usually have something light and quick like a salad.

Tuesday Evening: Sprout salad

I sprouted some mung beans over the weekend that came out beautiful so made a random salad with whatever I had in the fridge. I was feeling really lazy. After two days off it takes a while to get back into the groove of things. I made a peanut butter dressing with crushed peanuts (from the peanut butter machine) thinned with a little water and some vinegar, a bit of honey and chili powder.

Wednesday Lunch: Brown rice with curry dal, collard greens and kimchee cukes
Should have taken a picture of my lunch but I didn't have my camera. Everything was prepared in advance and I just nuked it. I hate to nuke anything but that's the only heating device on the farm and I hate cold rice. The kimchee I made almost two weeks ago and I always regret eating it too soon cause now the jar is almost empty and it's at the perfect sourness. Always jump the gun with kimchee, gotta have more patience. Lucky there's a small crate of wrinkly cucumbers in the cooler just waiting to be kimchee'd. I promise to wait this time...

Wednesday Dinner: Up and down salad

I call this up and down salad cause it's a mix of things that grow up; baby greens and sprouts, and things that grow down; beets, carrots and potatoes. the potatoes are left over from the weekend and I threw them into the salad to balance all the crunchiness from the root veggies. Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous than a Cioggia beet? These are the baby ones but they also get huge. I like to eat these raw just so I can see how cool they look inside. When you cook them, they usually just turn pink. They also have the added benefit of tasting as wonderful as they look!

Tomorrow is preparing for the weekend markets, the craziest and longest day of the week. So much food so little time...

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  1. I'm glad to have found your blog. I'm a Norwich CSA shareholder (picking up at Judson Church in NYC), and I've been blogging about what I make with the excellent produce from the farm each week. I look forward to more of your inspiring blog posts!